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Here at Optimise Health, we stand behind our vision and our values - and they shine through in everything that we say and what we do! This is not only how we BE, internally as a business, but how we show up every day, how we BE to each other, and how we look after our patients. These are all in line with our values - we live and breathe by them!

Our environment is extremely fast-paced, and we are continually taking on new ventures, to ensure we provide the best possible care for our patients, and to ensure that our staff and our patients, can realise their potential. This role is demanding, but also extremely rewarding!

So what are we are looking for in our ideal receptionist?

  • You must be flexible and very organized.
  • You thrive on a busy and fast-paced work environment. This shines through in your remarkable ability to multi-task.
  • You are somebody who shows initiative and are always looking for tasks to do.
  • You are well educated and a quick learner. You have great computer skills and are willing to learn our 'in house' programs at Optimise Health.
  • You love to work – and become enrolled in work – you are always willing to give 110% and your willingness to actively participate in work agendas is exceptional.
  • You have great integrity – you are trustworthy and honest.
  • You can work independently, but you are also a team player.
  • You can follow direction when required and are happy to take constructive criticism on board
  • Your time management and prioritization skills are exceptional. You have a real ability for staying focused and on task.
  • You are somebody who communicates well and possesses a great phone manner. You smile when you answer the phone, and always go the extra mile to help patients out.  You possess the same skills with your one on one interaction with patients and other staff members.  You have exceptional customer service skills, and this is portrayed through daily interactions.
  • You have a great sense of humour, and you are a passionate and motivated person.
  • You are real - what you see is what you get
  • You are committed to playing above the line at all times.
  • You do have administration experience and are available for a rotating roster, which includes 6.30 am starts and 6.30 pm finishes. You are also available to travel to our clinic in Warwick if required.

If by now you’re thinking that we may be the right fit and sound like your dream team, fill in the form below, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll talk.

Ready to take the next step to a better health?